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Why am I blogging? Why now? Well, after years and years of being a cosplayer and “growing up” in the industry I’ve realized that all of YOU are growing up too. We probably have many experiences that we share in common. We may be more alike that you know! You can also watch me explain this HERE.

You’ve heard it before. Nerds don’t age…they Level Up. And, it’s a lot more fun if we “group up” to level up. Right?

So let’s start with the beginning of my story and the part that may be a shock for some of you.

Whew! Here goes…

I’ve been Wonder Woman, Jean Grey, a Blood Elf Rogue and a crazed Doctor of BOOM (photo here). Yet, the coolest most badass thing that I have ever had the joy of being is a mother. Wait….what??!!! It’s okay. You’ll be fine. I promise. If you’ve followed my cosplay journey since 2014 you may be feeling a little shocked right now. But why? Why did you never talk about your family.

Because Mama Bear…that’s why.

Pure and simple. I protect them, and I keep them safe. I love them more than anything. They (2 sweet ones) were too small when I started my cosplay journey (cosplay beginnings story here), but they’re bigger now and have been well educated about the world around them. Children get to an age where you need to start letting them learn to navigate the world around them. Our world today is hard, it’s a very scary internet out there! I won’t be able to protect them forever. I think about them and their sweet little souls and how much harder school can be for kids. The bullies! Ooof…it’s WAY worse then I had it growing up. It may be hard for them to read some of the comments that I have to see everyday, but not preparing them would be worse. I’m proud to say that they have a very good sense of the world around them. What’s real, what’s not and when to believe what you read…or not! But I’ll save another post about them for later.

So again, why now?

Because if I’m aging in this scary world…then you are too! If I’m 6 years older than I was when you discovered me…then HOLY FRICK you are too!!!! That means you’ve had a life. You’ve had joy, sorrow, love, pain, discoveries and adventures. Maybe you’ve married, had children, divorced….loved again or lost. It’s a damn shame if we can’t all share it together. I can use my experience and social “influence” for good. I’m here for you all!

It’s time to wrap this up, but before I end this post please know this: I am still the SAME PERSON that I always have been. I’m just peeling back a few of my layers for you to see (and that’s so hard for me!). I’m actually a bit scared friends. I’ve always been a people pleaser. Losing some of you makes me sad. I’m well aware some of you won’t stay for this journey. I just want you to know that I send hugs for you to take along your own journey. And for those of you who continue to stay…I’m going to love the freaking heck out of you! Get up and get on with it friends, we’re gonna NERD UP and LEVEL UP together!

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  1. Congratulations on Leveling Up!! I can’t wait to see this next part of your journey.

  2. you are the same Ally I began following via Level 42, then over to Patreon and now on Twitch and finally met in person almost a year ago now. I was very honored that you chose me as one the first of your followers to share this with. Im with ya til the end kiddo

  3. Wow! You shocked me with that revelation. I stay for many reasons, mainly I enjoy your personality and kindness.

    1. I know!! I kept it really well hidden, but for very good reasons. I’d been doxxed at conventions a few times and people can be scary. I feel more comfortable and safe now.

  4. It’s been an incredible time watching you move through your cosplay and streaming careers! You are the consummate entrepreneur! I’m always in awe of the hard work and skill you put into your projects. Far more often than not, the results have been beautiful! I’m so proud of you, Ally!

  5. Wow, never would have guessed that you were a mom! Although I shouldn’t be surprised because you seem to have a great personality and always a positive disposition. I look forward to hearing more about your “nerd life”!

  6. Wow! This has to be hard to open this door to your life. I’ve always felt that it was none of my business if someone I follow had a Husband, Wife, Boyfriend, Girlfriend, or Children. I avoided asking those questions because they have no bearing why I am there. That being said I am always touched and surprised when someone opens up like this. Letting themselves be this vulnerable has to be scary. So thank you very much for sharing, and know I will be around to mildly annoy and make you chuckle for as long as you let me hang out.

  7. Yay. I’m glad to see someone other than the photos and random trips you post. I’m a grandfather and love geeking out with the younglings. Excited to see you do the same.

  8. You continue to blow us all away with your awesomeness! Thank you so much for sharing. I hope one day they share in the cosplay experience with you.

  9. I hope this new channel and blog goes well for you Ally and hopefully give everyone an inside look to nerds and leveling up the support of others.

  10. So having never known you were a mom, I always felt you’d make a great mom. Nice to see I am right. It doesn’t change anything I think about you, you’ve always been a kind and warm soul. Hard to believe it’s been almost 4 years since we bonded over injuries at Rose City Comic Con. Seems like it was almost yesterday. I’m looking forward to seeing where your next chapter takes you on this strange journey called life. Keep leveling up, and I’ll keep following along for the ride.

  11. Hi, neighbor!


    Yep, like Mark, you’re stuck with me for life. I appreciate your trust in me, and I’m genuinely honored, and privileged, to call you a friend.

    So…when should I stop by for dinner? 😀


  12. I definitely admire you for this step, and I’ve been following for while, too, even though, sadly, my ridiculous work schedule rarely allows me to catch streams live, never mind go to any kind of events.

    I fully understand your decision to protect your private life, and those that don’t understand, that there is a public and a private personality, clearly haven’t dealt with life all that much. Few truly know me. I don’t have kids, but was married, and certainly know all about nerd life, and the somewhat pathetic looks some people will have. The important part is, even for you as a public figure, to thine own self be true. I’ve been a gamer since the 1980s, a fantasy, sci-fi and predominantly Star Trek fan, and I’ve had little ship models etc. (Eaglemoss) on my work desk since day one.

    Keep being you, and you cannot go wrong!

    1. Thank you so much! It took me forever to be gutsy enough to post this. I can be kind of a wimp. But I did it! And I’m so proud of myself and excited for the next step.

      1. Wimp is not a term I would associate with you. Smart, however, undoubtedly. You made a conscious, very wise choice, to keep your private life sheltered, until you felt it was the right point. So many people live a public life and allow it to negatively affect their personal space without any second thought. Life is best lived through experience, learning from what we are given, and then continue to level up. And let’s be honest, reality might have the best visuals, but it’s the worst game ever! 😉

  13. Wow, absolutely love this, I think we sometimes forget that the amazing cosplayers like you that we follow are real people with lives that we don’t see, you having children for example is very surprising to me, you have done an amazing job of keeping them a secret, I’ve never seen any sign of them in you IG posts or YouTube videos. Can’t wait to see what the future brings for us all.

    1. I’m about as real as it gets too. I wish more cosplayers felt comfortable to share. TBH…most of them are just like me and have the same situation and are too scared to say it.

  14. I think your journey is very smart, life can get pretty crowded with nerd culture and life trying to blend together. I’ve had a few experiences with artists and commission work that I’ve felt burned at times. I’ve even considered walking away from the “Con” scene for awhile to get my bearings straight. Love all of this Alkali, I’m with you the whole way! Nerd Up Level Up

  15. I adore you and I’m so happy so are owning your story and doing things your way. You are amazing, strong, and inspiring.

  16. Love it Alkali! It’s been a cool journey to follow along and watch! You are a good lady and you have a ton of talent. Your ideas seem never-ending, as well as your ability to execute them. And your children are lovely. Well done all around with the work-life balance. ❤️ You are a cool nerd. 😃💯🙌🏻

    1. Thank you friend! You’re one to talk! I love seeing all your posts and everything you do. I take inspiration from whats around me and you’ve inspired me many times. xoxox!

  17. Happy Congratulations, and many more Salutations!
    I met you before I knew who you were! So, it’s going to be nice to meet the woman behind the costumes for a change!
    Yes, it’s tough to put your real life online. But, you’re doing it the right way, and it’s all going to be fun and exciting!
    My hats off to you… if’n I were wearing a hat…
    See you on the interwebs!

  18. It is wonderful to hear about your little ones. I would also like to congratulate you on taking a huge step and talking about your family as I understand how much privacy means to you.

    1. Thank you Chris! I’ve been trying to do this for years and I wrote this blog months ago. It took me so long to press “publish” because I was such a scared little nugget.

  19. Wait.. what?! I literally read this over like 3 or 4 times. It was brave of you to share this and makes no difference to me. To be honest I’m so happy that you got little tatos running around cause I’m sure they bring you endless joy. The love and maturity you have for your community makes a lot more sense now knowing you have a family. I look forward to the continuous entertainment you provide on and off camera. <3

    1. I’ve tried so hard not to “mother” my community…but it’s hard not to sometimes! I love everyone like extended family! And………..PICKLES!!!

  20. well said. it is tough to let your kids start navigating the interweb of life, seeing those things, reading some of those things. well make it though.

  21. LOVING THIS!!! It’s such a joy to be let into someone’s life- it’s like moving from b/w to 4K HDR. Looking forward to Leveling Up 😉

  22. I remember chatting with you once and you mentioned you were a mom. I was a bit surprised, but was also sure that you are a very good mom. Being in the public eye like you are, you cannot share all of the details of your life to everyone. You are right about leveling up and facing more difficult tasks. The challenge facing parents in the internet age is real, but you have the tools to take it on. I have always admired your drive, your friendliness, kindness, and down to earthness. You are definitely a favorite.

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