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We all want to feel our best. Really, I’d personally love to just feel young and be healthy for as long as possible. I don’t feel the ouches and pains of getting older yet, but my joints pop a bit more sometimes? Is that even normal? I dunno. I definitely feel a couple lower back crackles when I bend over in the morning to put my shoes on.

But that aside…

I’m getting older, but can I still feel sexy? Is that still okay? I’m in my mid 30s and have had two children, but I’m not freaking DEAD! I still love bikinis and itty bitty (yet tasteful!!! I promise!) croptops. I still have abs for goodness sake! I don’t think I had abs in my early 20s, but that’s mostly because I didn’t know I’d have to work for them as I got older. Yep, I definitely found the abs in my 30s. And I want to keep them! And maybe show them off? Sometimes. 🙂

So is it okay?

…wait what?

to feel sexy! Ya silly.

Yes. Yes it is. Own it. Be you. Be appropriate for he right setting. I mean, my momma will slap me up both sides of my head if I ever attended a funeral in my Red Sonja cosplay. Ya know? Are you at the gym and want to wear that cute crop that Kim K was wearing in her latest “I’m a hot mommy look at me” post? Are you channeling your inner James Bond? Then go for it. And don’t let anyone try to make you feel bad about it.

I’m no stranger to “feeling it”…

This photo was taken 2 years ago. My daughter helped me pick out the outfits for the photo shoot. She said something like “hey mom, you’d look amazing in this!” I felt wicked good that day. All freakin about myself. It made me so happy to hear that my daughter wasn’t “embarassed” by me or wouldn’t want her friends to know that sometimes her mom does what some people might call “sexy modeling.” I’ve never modeled nude, or anywhere close to it. I’ve always considered what I’ve done tasteful. However, I DO NOT shun or judge anyone else who does, even if I personally wouldn’t.

7.8 BILLION people in the world…

Listen, we all aren’t the same. You do you. I made a WHOLE YOUTUBE VIDEO about this. This post doesn’t even scratch the surface. You can watch it HERE

XoXo, Alkali

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  1. Can I say, I adore that you include the little one. I hope we all feel good in our skin, and always do regardless of age!

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