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Nerds do it better right? So lets decorate like a nerd.

For the record, I almost started out this article with: “How many Funko Pops do you own?”

But then I realized that was a deep deep rabbit hole, and we could all learn a lesson from Alice.

“Leveling UP” your nerd decor…

Alright…let’s get a few things straight here before I begin. This post is NOT intended to make anyone feel bad about how they’ve chosen to decorate their own home with their choice of fandom(s). You do you. This is my story. We cool? Cool.

It all began one cold stormy night under a blood red moon…

No. No it didn’t. It all began around age 29. And as many of you know, that’s ALMOST as scary. I was getting close to the dreaded 3-0 and ManFred (husbando, lifter of heavy things, ruler of our jungle) was nearing the big 4-0. Yikes. We had each long surpassed what most people would consider “adulthood” and we were starting to face some very real situations. You know, important things like: “Hey honey, I want to have my Co-Worker come over after work Friday” kinda real scary stuff. Of course, the ManFred would be talking about the Co-Worker with the immaculate house in the “nicer than our part of town” district.

Suddenly the plastic lawn furniture in our living room didn’t look so good…

But really though…we used to have plastic lawn furniture in our living room. Maybe not when I was 29, but at some age closeish to it. It wasn’t like we didn’t have priorities though. Beer seemed expensive back then.

I digress…

Fast forward a bit and we needed to “level up”. Just a bit though. There’s NEVER A NEED TO PRETEND TO BE SOMETHING YOU’RE NOT! Just remember that as we move forward. I uber-heart nerdy things. I also drool over gorgeous sun rooms in the pages of Home Interior magazines. I needed to find a balance.

Here’s what worked for me…

We have two floors in our home. All of our bedrooms and living space is mostly downstairs and we have a mid size bonus room upstairs above our garage. I became determined to make my “entertaining” space downstairs be visually attractive to muggles (teehee) while simultaneously injecting our fandoms in thought-provoking areas of our home. I think it worked out well and I have some tips for you! You can also skip reading ahead if you’d like and watch the YouTube video HERE.

Nerding up the kitchen

You can get cookbooks to match almost any fandom. This one was a gift from a wonderful viewer of my Twitch stream and I love it. The bottle opener was also a sweet gift from a friend. Both know me well don’t you think? Both of these items don’t jump out and scare new people that come into our home and look pretty rad on the kitchen counter. (cookbook link)

Coffee table books

I’m a big fan of coffee table books and I really enjoy seeing what people choose to put on their tables. I walked into a home once that had a beautiful picture book of racing horses on their table. It was such a contrast to what I would pick and I loved looking at something new and interesting to me. Things like this are EXCELLENT CONVERSATION STARTERS and are like gateway drugs to non-nerds to our world. (youtube vid tour of my home is HERE)

Nothing dresses an end table like an Ultimate Visual Guide to WOW!! (and you know it!)

Frame it…

Just like the cookbook I showed you earlier, here’s an example of way you can inject nerdiness into your home without loading your entertainment center full of Deadpool action figures (not that I’ll discourage you though! haha!). There are tons of different nerdy frames online and the link for this one is here. I freaking love Star Wars. (If you just said “I know” in your mind then I freaking love you too!)

Pardon the unfinished paint on the trim and the missing baseboards….we’re in the middle of remodeling.

Everybody poops…

I don’t think that this photo needs much of a caption. Bathroom humor is my favorite. I don’t have a link for this art for you, but I got it on sale at Hobby Lobby. *snicker *snicker *snort (I think I’m hilarious)

Get fancy with those shelves. Books don’t always need to stand straight up…

Some shelf love for you. I freaking love making a great nerd shelf. Get fancier with your shelves and get some use out of your Funkos and expensive figurines by working them in together. Side note: This is NOT in my main space. These photos are from my nerd room upstairs. THAT post will come later, because that room does NOT fit this post. It is not a classy space…at all. It looks like Star Wards and Blizzcon blew up everwhere and exploded nerd glitter on ever surface.

I love our home.

It’s important to love where you live and build a happy little nest for yourself. However that may be. We’ve “leveled UP” into this space and I think it fits us at this space in our lives. How bout you? Anything you want to share in the comments?

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  1. Love the Decorations. I really do like how they are not in your face nerdy but all over your house. Like Mickey Mouse Ears at Disney Parks and cruise ships, hidden and always there.

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